The Battle Of The War I

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Rushabh Shah
History 162B
Paper 1

While recruiting men to fight in World War I, the British Army appealed to ideals of masculinity, bravery, patriotism and nationalism. This form of propaganda was intended to shape the public’s views, and shape their decisions to revolve around political, gender, and social identity. Thousands of young British men like Siegfried Sassoon went into World War I with this idealism. The bloodshed found there came as a tremendous shock, as the war was unlike the image portrayed; the modern war was different and horrifying. It was during the First World War that literature from these soldiers was developed as a result of the increase in education levels amongst the British soldiers and public in the years
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Using graphic detail and bitter imagery, Sassoon expressed the contrast between the beautiful nature and the destruction of the war. Sassoon begins by using details and poetic language to describe the beauty of the surroundings, almost to reflect upon the attractive and heroic image of war portrayed through propaganda. This then contrasts sharply with the graphic and detailed description of the battlefield. His clever use of vocabulary was employed with great effect often using words that had more than one definite meaning. In the third line he describes the sun “smoldering through spouts of drifting smoke that shroud”. The word “smoldering” evokes a clear image of the sun being covered by this thick infected smoke, and used in conjunction with the word “shroud” gives the reader an idea of obscurity within the battlefield. On a deeper level, “shroud” is a metaphor expressing the concealing nature of the smoke to hide the reality of the war. “The menacing scarred slope” creates a dark, threatening image reflecting the fear these soldiers endured in battle. Although the poem starts of relatively slow, it builds momentum with each new line. Sassoon successfully creates a sense of suspense, imitating the continuous anticipation of attack these soldiers endured. The
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