The Battle Of The War On Southeast Asia

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Beginning in 1940 with the successful invasion of French Indochina, the Empire of Japan displayed power over the colonialists from the Battle of Malaya to their occupation of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. The prelude to Japan 's war on Southeast Asia was its concurrent war against China which had started in 1937. As a result of this invasion, culture within Southeast Asia was changed. There are varying other factors to include when identifying how this occupation changed what was currently then known as the Dutch East Indies, which includes the somewhat linear and consistently rising changes socially, politically and economically.1

The beginning of regular contact between Europeans and the people of Indonesia began in 1512, but it wasn 't until 1800 that the government in the Netherlands established the Dutch East Indies.2 For the duration of Dutch rule, their hold on the Dutch East Indies was weak outside of coastal strongholds but it wasn 't until the early 20th century that their lands extend to what is currently recognized to be Indonesia 's borders.3 A nationalist movement had been undertaken by the people of Indonesia, however was often suppressed by the Dutch. With this movement beginning in 1908 it wasn 't until 1945 until the Nationalist Revolution had begun. Lasting four years, the Dutch were consistently able to maintain industrial assets, towns and major cities but found themselves with the inability to control the countryside.4 The inspiration for this…
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