The Battle Of The War

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Indians come from, Custer was as surprised as McCoy. McCoy’s unit was surrounded by NVA regulars before they knew it, and they where pissed. Nowhere to run or hide they prepared for battle, perhaps their last battle, but you could say that about every battle. They are outnumbered 20 to 1. In the heat of battle one cannot swear who shot or killed whom, it was just constant motion, first very fast, then very slowly. McCoy s arms had become numb from swinging the ax handle he held. Smashing in heads can take its toll in terms of energy. It was downright difficult to hit a skull with enough force to split it on contact. After a time it was hard to tell whose blood covered McCoy, oddly it was all the same, yellow, black, brown or white the blood was all red. McCoy lost awareness, the savage assault continued. One final swing, daylight turned to twilight, to darkness, a bright flash of light just before McCoy went out, McCoy wondered if the Vietnamese go to heaven? He wondered, what if he met someone he killed, are the dead allowed to be embarrassed ? These questions would have to wait to be answered. It was April 1975. McCoy woke slowly. Heaven had a peculiar smell, sterile. In the following days, he learned that he was one of three survivors. The bright light is the Army dropping a load of Napalm into the area. An infantry unit diverted around a large NVA group heading south and retrieved him. Except for the last month, everything else was intact and functioning properly. The

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