The Battle Of The War Periods For Every Army

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Armies perfect how to fight the last war, just in time for the next. This unattributed adage has foreshadowed the inter-war periods for every army; a repeatable cycle where the typical outcome is the outbreak of a different type of warfare resulting in a change of tactics, techniques, and procedures at the cost of Soldier 's lives. This is why the study of military history holds a heavy emphasis in the United States Army. Whether you are applying to the Command and General Staff College, any Non-Commissioned Officer Educational Schools, or even attending a Promotion Board, knowing and being able to communicate effectively about Military History is required. The Battle of Kasserine Pass is a perfect example of the "Fight the Last War" …show more content…
The Combat Commands of the 1st Armored Division were sent in a futile attempt to cauterize the line. Not being able to withstand the attack, the 1st Armored Division and other elements of U.S. II Corps, under the command of Major General Fredendall, withdrew back into the Atlas mountain range, with the Axis forces blocking the exits. With no strong defensive positions the U.S. II Corps redeployed to the Kasserine and Sbiba Passes. Field Marshall Rommel strategically thought that taking Kasserine pass would give protection to the coastal region to the east, capture supplies left behind by the Americans, and be a forward staging area to launch new attacks. On February 14, 1943 General Heinz Ziegler attacked the town Sidi Bou Zid, located roughly 10 miles west of Faïd. At 04:00 a.m., under the command of General Heinz Ziegler, 140 German tanks, including 12 Tigers, pushed through Faid Pass and Maizila pass under the cover of a sandstorm. Taking the Americans by surprise, Company G of Colonel Hain 's 1st Armored Regiment was eating breakfast and lost 16 tanks within minutes (Atkinson, 2004, p.929-931), the Germans pushed through the small resistance and took the Djebel Lesouda Hill. As the German attack continued, they split their forces with one wing heading north-west to encircle Djebel Lessouda, and another towards Sidi bou Zid. The German forced closed with Captain W. Bruce Pirnie Jr. 's Bravo Battery, 91st FA so quickly, that the gunner 's

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