The Battle Of The Woods Lived A Village Of Warriors

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Deep in the woods lived a village of warriors that had long fought to keep their lands clear of the wolf menace, but to no avail. It seemed to the villagers that there was a stalemate between them, or perhaps the wolves had grown accustomed to the taste of their blood and were finally bored with them. The killings became sporadic and less frequent, to the point where eventually the warrior culture began to deteriorate. The magic that was instilled in every villager was fading, their innocent blue eyes remained. Without killing, their eyes were never stained with death and a pair of brown eyes was a rare sight here. Wolves were now just fairy tales told to children to keep them from straying too far into the woods. Such was the case with the Faraway girl, whom people simply called Red. She donned a blood red cape wherever she went because it was a family heirloom handed down to her by her mother. Every Faraway woman for ten generations had worn the cape and kept it in the most immaculate condition. When they would wear it the people of the village always called them Red instead of their given name, it was tradition. Some of the older villagers knew a story of a great warrior who wore a cape like it. They say it was made of the blood of one thousand wolves, their deaths woven into the magic fabric. This was the same story that was told to Red when she asked her grandmother why she had one brown eye and one blue. She told her, “One of our ancestors was said to have slain

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