The Battle Of The World War II

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Pearl Harbor As dawn broke on a Sunday morning of December 7, 1941 on the Hawaiian island of Oahu where Pearl Harbor was home to a giant US Navy and Army. There were more than one hundred warships which included eight massive battleships. The US was suffering from the Great Depression, which made Americans think that they would stay out of World War II. As tensions grew between Japan and America, American sailors and airmen were training just in case the US were to join World War II. Americans had not realized that Japan and America were becoming enemies because the main enemy was Adolf Hitler; his goal was to conquer all the democracies of Europe. In 1940, Netherlands and France fell, leaving England to stand alone against the Germans. President Franklin Roosevelt shipped arms, tanks, and planes to help the British but not America soldiers. June of 1940, Japan invaded Vietnam and Cambodia, Roosevelt then took action. He moved the US Pacific Fleet from California to Pearl Harbor to stand guard in the Pacific against further Japanese advances. Three hundred Japanese bombers and fighters were launched in two waves before and after dawn. Back in Hawaii everyone was following their normal duties, thinking that the waves of bombers were US pilots doing drills. The planes kept coming directly over the harbor lower than usual. Minutes later, bombs fell. (Demuth 1-5) In 1941, messages went back and forth between the US and military leaders of Japan. The US insisted that Japan
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