The Battle Of Vimy Ridge

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Panayioti Athanasopoulos Mr. Whitfield 9-4 April 4th 2016 Battle of Vimy Ridge The Battle of Vimy Ridge was one of the greatest military battles ever fought. This battle contributed to Canada’s coming of age as a nation. The taking of Vimy Ridge claimed more than 200,000 lives during the first World War and will forever remain in the history as one of the worlds great military triumphs. The Canadian Military used extensive planning, new innovative weaponry and relied on the tremendous courage and sacrifice of its soldiers in order to claim victory. The Canadian Military’s extensive planning of the assault on Vimy Ridge was one of the main reasons for its successful victory. Prior to the assault, the Canadian troops were intensely prepared in terms of their training. The soldiers were so well trained that if their leader was killed they would be able to follow through with the plan with great precision and execution. The battle was so thought out that there was absolutely nothing left to chance. The Canadians created maps of the entire ridge created from many previous ridge assaults (Stephens, John. "Innovations.") along with arial photos of the location. As the Canadians captured German Soldiers they would try to make out as much information of the terrain as possible (Foot, Richard. "Meticulous Preparation.") The maps would have the location of the German defences and provided them with the timetable of the checkpoints and trench outlines. The maps were

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