The Battle Of Warfare During The Napoleonic Era

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Brittany Adkins
Dr. Knox
History 1301
1 January 2017

Argumentative Essay
Support or disapprove the argument that warfare in the Napoleonic era is fundamentally similar to warfare as it is practice today.

Warfare in the Napoleonic era is fundamentally similar to warfare as it is practiced today. The Napoleonic era took place towards the end of the French Revolution between the years 1803-1815. Despite occurring over 200 years ago, the Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) that occurred during the French Revolution is still relevant and prevalent in modern warfare and modern armies. Features such as using conscription to create a permanent, professional national army, having an educated Officer Corps, and standardized
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It is true today as it was during the Napoleonic era that an increased number of troops that are prepared and able to fight at any given time, influence the foreign policy of a nation. During the Napoleonic era, the educated Officer Corps was created which is another operational and tactical strategy that has been implemented in modern armies. The idea was to have junior and middle level officers receive specialized training to cultivate their decision making skills and to allow them time for personal study. This change ensured that even in the absence of communication from Napoleon, there was a clear chain of command and tactical decisions could be made in real time. The process by which officers were recruited and selected also changed. France moved into an era of universal service so that anyone regardless of class would be able to enter the military and advance within its ranks. This remains true for soldiers that now serve in the United States military and in armies around the world. An individual’s ability to be promoted has more to do with their level of education, length of service, aptitude level, demonstrated skill and a soldiers ' willingness to respect their chain of command. Arm forces encourage, recruit, and compensate individuals based on their educational levels. For instance, more soldiers enter the military as
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