The Battle Of Yorktown : A Great Indication

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History is a great indication of how we can improve situations in the present for an even successful future. Learning from what has happened in the past can provide our current United States of America (US) Army with strategies that can enhance our ability to be successful during military mission battles. The Battle of Yorktown provides a great example of how working with other nations and being their allies can help us to overcome issues within our own units, batteries, and higher echelon. With further analysis of the Battle of Yorktown, it is also apparent that the strategic usage of artillery played a major role in its success and that its utilization was more than just about operating cannons and howitzers. The Battle of Yorktown…show more content…
In addition, their strategy and usage of artillery played a major role in their ability to dominate in both their infantry and fleets throughout the battle. The Battle of Yorktown was one of the most important and was the final battle for the American Revolutionary War (Greene, 2009).
The relationship between the allies, French and the Americans, was the primary reason for their success in the Battle of Yorktown and ultimately in the American Revolutionary War. Under the command of General George Washington, the Americans provided initial force upon their attack against the British that eventually wiped them out. In addition, the French were able to provide reinforcement for their allies and respond to their actions accordingly for a successful battle. This strategy provided by the allies in addition to the poor response by the General Cornwallis of the British contributed to its successful outcome, as we understand it today.
The ally between the Americans and the French was a strategy that proved to be successful during the Battle of Yorktown. However, because the French did not have conflict with either the Americans or the British, their involvement with this battle was contingent on two circumstances. First, the Americans must have the capability to defend and protect the French’s interest from their enemies. Second, the Americans would provide the allowance for the French
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