The Battle Of Yorktown By Comte De Rochambeau

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Even though the 13 colonies declared their independence from Great Britain on 4 of July 1776, they actually gained their freedom only after the decisive war, the Battle of Yorktown (Introduction.) Yorktown was established in 1691 to regulate trade and collect taxes. Due to its location surrounded by the York River which led into the Chesapeake Bay, Yorktown would soon develop into a center of commerce. Not only Yorktown fit for building wharves, storehouses, and docks which used to export and import goods from Great Britain, but it also suit for setting up a naval base by taking advantage of its surrounding of the York River and Chesapeake Bay area (The Role 4.)

In the past, the three groups that involved in the Battle of Yorktown were French, American and British. In summer of 1780, French allied with American and provided them a major boost of 5,500 troops which were commanded by Comte de Rochambeau (History of the Siege.) In May 10, 1781, British General Charles Earl Cornwallis, known as Lord Cornwallis, decided that he could not control over the southern colonies until he defeated Virginia. With that in mind, he searched for a place to set up a naval base which made Yorktown a perfect place in his plan (Colonial 12.) In the beginning of August 1781, Lord Cornwallis led British forces from Portsmouth, Virginia to the tobacco port of Yorktown and fortified his position to prepare for the upcoming war. Knowing Lord Cornwallis’ move as well as finding out that Admiral Comte
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