The Battle Of Yorktown By George Washington

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The Battle of Yorktown is known as the battle that separated the United States from Great Brittan. The purpose of this paper is that I will discuss the events that led up to the battle, the battle itself, the outcome, and a specific event that, if changed, might have changed the outcome of the war. There are multiple events that may have changed the outcome; within this paper I will discuss one, and that will be, what if George Washington’s diversionary orders didn’t deceive the British. On September 28, 1781 General George Washington started his siege on Yorktown, where the British General Lord Charles Cornwallis garrisoned his 9,000 troops. Those actions are just the final steps that won the battle and solidified the United States as an independent nation. The real beginning of the Battle of Yorktown started in August of 1781 when the French army led by French Commander, the Comte de Rochambeau, convinced General Washington to attack Yorktown instead of New York. The Comte de Rochambeau Stated to General Washington, that if he was to attack New York that they would suffer a great deal of casualties due to the British’s well fortification of the area and that the attack wouldn’t succeed. General Washington was convinced by his ally’s concern, so on August 19, 1781 the French and United States Continental Army Began their march to Yorktown in order to crush Lord Charles Cornwallis and his recent string of victories. General Washington wanted the element of surprise when

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