The Battle Of Yorktown By William Faulkner

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Battle of Yorktown

A Striking Start
You are galloping full speed at full speed like it is the last day of your life, you ride into the city of Yorktown fiercely, then your rider wants you to go faster, you are galloping faster than you have ever run, as fast as a speeding bullet. The wind is slapping your face as hard as a hammer, you finally run into the sea of smoke, muskets, and bayonets. The person riding you violently thrusts his mighty sword, and swiftly fires his French pistol. Cannonballs fly over you like soaring hawks destroying the fortifications that may have taken years to build, you are a proud horse in The American Revolutionary War, and you will never stop galloping for the Patriots even if it kills you.

This scene is about a Cavalry horse riding into the city of Yorktown, it shows how a horse would feel in the midst of war, so determined and brave. It defines how much colonist wanted everyone independence. The battle of Yorktown is known as the last amazing battle battle of the revolutionary war, there were lots of interesting equipment, the attack was long and harsh for all, and what was the great importance of this fight. Read on about the battle will define American independence.

Map of The Battle of Yorktown, as you can see Cornwallis was surrounded by the Continental army

Vocabulary Builder
Lieutenant: a military rank blockading: blocking something siege: a type of an attack surrounding a place of a city

An Astonishing Attack
When the British…

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