The Battle Of Yorktown By William Faulkner

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Battle of Yorktown A Striking Start You are galloping full speed at full speed like it is the last day of your life, you ride into the city of Yorktown fiercely, then your rider wants you to go faster, you are galloping faster than you have ever run, as fast as a speeding bullet. The wind is slapping your face as hard as a hammer, you finally run into the sea of smoke, muskets, and bayonets. The person riding you violently thrusts his mighty sword, and swiftly fires his French pistol. Cannonballs fly over you like soaring hawks destroying the fortifications that may have taken years to build, you are a proud horse in The American Revolutionary War, and you will never stop galloping for the Patriots even if it kills you. This scene is…show more content…
The colonist brought a force of about 8800 to attack Yorktown . The Continental Army 7800 French troops commanded by George Washington and, admiral Francois, Count de Grasse a French naval leader fiercely decided to attack the headquarter with only about 6000 British defending the headquarters, but on the other side of the James River in Gloucester there were only 1,000 British troops to protect the fort against 3,000 French, and troops from the continental army. The Patriots set up a hospital 2 miles southeast from British lines, this is convenient because they didn’t have to go a long way for a medic. The British soldiers were cornered because the Continental Army attacked from all sides. The Continental Army did what was the worst that could happen to the British during the Revolutionary War.On September 20th the Continental Army reached Yorktown and started to attack. The Continental Army set up a camp far outside the lines of the British Headquarters so the continental army could get new supplies so just in case of an attack from the land they would be able to access goods from water.The French army also had flooded the James river with their naval boats surrounding the British army from all sides.These boats played a key role in the battle of Yorktown not only because they were bombarding the Yorktown
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