The Battle On The Plains Of Abraham

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In 2009 a planned re-enactment of the Battle on the Plains of Abraham was set to take place on the original battlefield in light of its 250th anniversary. However the historical re-enactment of the 1759 battle was cancelled by The National Battlefields Commission for security concerns that could, as CBC News wrote, “turn into a modern-day conflict.” There is speculation other factors influenced the withdrawal of the re-enactment such as the overwhelming negative responses from the francophones in Quebec. These negative reactions were supported by the devastation resulting from the loss of the battle in 1759 and the modern-day neglect of Quebec and French culture. I commend the decision to cancel the re-enactment of the Battle because of…show more content…
Therefore I stand in favour of the threats alone being reasonable grounds for the federal body to cancel the re-enactment. Parti Quebecois was also blamed for the cancellation for their statement that event is “a slap in the face to Quebecers of French ancestry” (CBC News) which got a rise out of those in support of this political group as they began trying to stop the event. The statement released by Parti Quebecois definitely had a hand in spreading awareness of the negative opinions of the re-enactment which ultimately led to large group of people opposed to the event resulting in the cancellation. All in all, to those in charge, the cancellation of the event was about keeping innocent families out of harm’s way, preventing a modern-day Battle based on the historical one from occurring, and maintaining a civil status between the French and English in Quebec. Although the threats of violence from activist groups were the official reason given for the cancellation of the re-enactment, there are speculations of other reasons as to why the federal body made this decision.
With the announcement of re-enacting the Battle on the Plains of Abraham came an overwhelming amount of negative feedback from Quebec residents, the reason being that the loss of the Battle began a traumatic period in history for the French. With their victory, the British began trying to assimilate the French, “it was only

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