The Battle Over Affirmitive Action in the College World

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For many the subject of affirmative action is worth protesting over, however, there are a few who would love to see the existence of affirmitive action abolished. Affirmative action has always been a long debated topic with two different communites arguing very different view points. Although affirmitive action can cause friction among many different opionated people, on the other hand, the results of the practice has ensured the college educations for many of minorities in America. Should this practice be allowed during the college admissions process is the question that remains to be debated. The right to attend college is considered to be a privilege for students who are able to enroll within a university of their choice. Those who…show more content…
Affirmative action oppossers say using race to determine a students admission status is a double standard and the one issue many minorities fight to not be judged by. More student's who are not of the African-American and Hispanic races are now suing schools claiming they to have been discriminated against based on their ethnicity (Jost).
Financially being able to afford life after college is a priority that many students carefully plan for. The only issue both sides do agree on is that the majors most student's are currently studying will not have a high demand for job placement once they graduate with their degrees. The two communities say the majors that most student's study will not provide them with the economic resources they may need to be sufficient during post college. In 2007 unemployment rates for student's who had a bachelor's degree was 4.9 percent and 8.5 percent for people with associates degrees and high school diplomas (Billitteri). Providing proof that the job market and the majors that students were choosing did not coincide with one another, resulting in the two communities claiming money may have been wasted in order to educate the unemployed, also assuming the money invested did not go to proper use.
The evidence given by both sides still leaves me in a neutral state of mind. Generally speaking, the matter is that of importance that it should be viwed on a serious scale. If more colleges are excepting

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