The Battle Over Protecting The Environment

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Oil or Diversity The battle over protecting the environment is nothing new to the world. The Yasuni National park in Ecuador is just one of the many battlegrounds that has emerged in the last decade that puts economics, politics and environment on center stage. At the heart of this battle is the rights of the Ecuadorian indigenous people to continue to live in their traditional fashion by caring for the land in a sustainable way while providing for their tribe, while considering the sustainability of the country as a whole within the world market. The battlefield is the Amazon Rainforest. The natural resources are mainly located in the Amazon Rainforest that makes up a large portion of the eastern part of the state. The Ecuadorian Amazon is home to astounding biodiversity: the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve is believed to be home to the most diverse set of species on the Earth and is home to: 800 species of fish, 350 Species of reptile, more than 300 species of mammal, thousands of species of plants and trees and insects. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has named the Yasuni a Biosphere Reserve due to its importance as an animal and plant habitat as well as its diversity (Latin America and the Caribbean). The Indigenous people of the Yasuni region have lived a traditional life in the Amazon Rainforest for centuries and have made a conscious choice to continue their way of life. At the heart of their lifestyle is a harmony with the earth and
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