The Battle against Air Pollution

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For individuals living in polluted area, it is necessary to know some basic methods that can help reduce health problems resulted from exposure to pollutants. The authorities has announced several tips to prevent potential health problems caused by smog. The best way to stay isolated from pollutants is either staying indoors or wearing masks outdoor. Accordingly, outdoor activities, especially sports and exercise, are strongly not recommended. While staying indoor, residents could utilize green plants and humidifiers to absorb and precipitate harmful substances. There is also an interesting commercial phenomenon related to smog pollution. Many medical equipment manufacturers have introduced mouth muffles that are advertised having function of filtering out PM 2.5. Meanwhile, a lot of companies have increased the supply of air purifiers in the market responding to the smog crisis. It turns out that this sort of particular merchandises are very popular in the market so that some retailers experienced supply shortage for a while. Also, to improve immune system, people need to obtain more vitamins and nutrients through a variety of diet. In China, it is universally believed that many herbal plants have the function of preventing illness related to virus and toxics. Therefore, many people take this advantage when they are not sick therefore lowering the chance of visiting hospital.
For the society, battle against air pollution is much more complicated. London smog incident

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