The Battle of Antietam Essay

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September 16-18, 1862, outside of the town of Sharpsburg, Maryland, between the Potomac River and Antietam Creek, was the location of the bloodiest battle in American history. Confederate Colonel Stephen D. Lee described it as “Artillery Hell” because of the frightful toll on his gunners and horses from Federal counter battery and infantry fire. (AotW, 2014) The battle of Antietam, or the Battle of Sharpsburg, would collect an estimated 23,100 total casualties (Luvaas and Nelson, 1987). The body count far exceeded any of the other three battles waged in the Maryland Campaign (Harpers Ferry, South Mountain, and Shepherdstown). This battle was a contributing factor in the outcome of our country and the rest of the world. The Union Army…show more content…
Let us probe deeper into our countries darkest days.
Civil War: Many notable Officers served during the Antietam battle that shaped the outcome of the Civil War. Major General George B. McClellan commanded the Federal Army comprised of 87,164 troops and 275 artillery cannons, while General Robert E. Lee commanded the Confederate Army with 41,000 troops and 194 guns. (Alexander, 2013). Along with notable Officers, there was notable Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO). One such NCO, who received a battlefield commission, was “Commissary Sergeant William McKinley (later President) of the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry who distinguished himself during the Battle of Antietam for getting needed rations to his men during the heat of battle.” (Elder, 2003)
Before the conflict between the North and South over freeing the slaves, the two sides always had conflict over certain issues such as differences in cultures, differences in climate and differences in geography. Their differences really became a problem when talks about the gaining of Nebraska and Kansas as states and whether they should be slave or Free State. During the time before the Civil War, the slaves worked hard with no pay. The treatment of slaves was harsh and they never were treated as U.S. citizens. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln became president with the Republican Party, having anti-Slavery elections. The

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