The Battle of Belleau Wood Essay

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The Battle of Belleau Wood was one the most famous battles of World War I in which the U.S. Marine Corps made their debut into the Western Front. This battle was decisive because it confirmed the entry of the U.S. into World War I which is one of the main reasons, that the allies won the war. American involvement for the first couple years of World War I had been kept to simply supply the allies with weapons and supplies. It wasn’t until 1917 when the United States changed its view on isolationism due to a building pressure and Germany’s several indiscriminate attacks on civilians and attempt at a secret alliance as described in the Zimmerman note. The Battle of Belleau Wood was the Marine Corps attempt to aid the ailing French in losing …show more content…
Lt Col Wise described as he received several reports of the Marine successes in the battle as reports of objectives gained came in. Also several German prisoners were taken. The Germans put up a good fight with their machine guns but as Capt. Wass, one of Wise’s officers said, “But then you once get within bayonet reach of any of them, they’re eager enough to surrender”. In the end, the Marines were victorious in taking Bois de Belleau; however, it was at a heavy cost. Of the nine hundred and sixty five men and twenty six officers in Lt Col Wise’s battalion, he was left with three hundred and fifty men and six officers after his ten months training them. A secondary source article titled “’Belleau Wood’ The Legend, The Reality, and The Myth” written by Colonel John Miller, USMC. This document was written as an explanation to the reality of the events at Belleau Wood. The article mentions that there was a built up legend to the Marines in Europe that was shown to the American public of how glorious and victorious the Marines in Europe were. The Marines were also fighting to keep their existence as the fact that they were seen as a second land army. The text also covers the myth of the battle and is meant to debunk many ideas that were stirring in the public. Marine recruiters would often sell the argument that the term “Devil Dogs” came from the Germans to describe the Marines when this was actually not said in the same way it was
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