The Battle of Britain: The Nazi´s Failure

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Battle of Britain is the name given to the effort by the German air force, run by Luftwaffe to gain air superiority over the Royal Air Force (RAF). The Battle of Britain was the first major battle to be fought entirely by air forces. It was the largest and most sustained bombing campaign to be attempted, as well as the first real test of vital bombing theories developed since World War I. The failure of Nazi Germany to destroy Britain's air force or to break the spirit of the British government or people is considered the Third Reich's first major defeat. Neither Hitler nor the German Army believed it was possible to carry out an assault on the British Isles until the RAF had been overcome. Secondary ideas were to destroy aircraft production and ground infrastructure, they looked to attack areas of political importance, and to terrorize the British people into wanting to surrender. British historians usually date the battle from 10 July to 31 October 1940, which showed the most intense period of bombing. German historians usually place the beginning of the battle in mid-August 1940 and end it in May 1941. With the royal air force having superior aircraft, and more intelligent technology, the RAF was able to overcome and defeat the German air force.
The British pilots were blessed to have the Hurricane and Spitfire fighter aircraft. These were fast, highly maneuverable, small fighter planes that had a great deal of speed. They could fly faster than bombers, and were

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