Essay about The Battle of Bull Run History

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The Battle of Bull Run was the first battle fought during the Civil War. It was a bloody battle and showed both sides that this war would not be won quickly. There were a few factors that swayed the battle in favor of the Confederacy, such as terrain, weather and technology. The Confederacy was able to use railroads to transport troops to battle, which had never been done before. This allowed them to continue fighting while the Union troops were growing tired and weak. Since the battle was fought on Southern soil, the Confederacy gained the upper hand. Not only did their troops have knowledge of the terrain, they were also accustomed to the warmer, humid climate of the south. The Union also had its share of advantages, one being use of the…show more content…
The Union believed that if they defeated the Confederacy no further attacks would be carried out. In addition, President Lincoln aimed to re-establish Federal law in the Southern states that had seceded from the nation. He also wanted the Union Army to stop Confederate legislators from meeting in the new Southern capitol of Richmond, Virginia. President Lincoln believed that this would bring a speedy end to the war. BG Beauregard held a strong position in Manassas Junction. Manassas offered railroad access which would lead to the center of Virginia, by way of Orange and Alexandria Railroads. It was essential that Beauregard was able to maintain this position. The weather on the day of battle was hot, in the mid 80’s to low 90’s, and humid. The heat had a negative effect on Union soldiers. The Union Army set out at 2 a.m. to avoid engaging in battle during the hottest part of the day. Many of these Soldiers were untrained in road marches and lacked discipline. They would break ranks to find water, rest or collect blackberries. For these reasons they reached Bull Run three hours late and consequently ended up fighting well into the day. Both sides went into the battle with high morale. They believed that over the course of a few days they would be victorious and the war would be won in this one battle. The terrain of the Battle was mostly rolling country side. Bull Run River was running through the battlefield, which is what the battle was named after. Soldiers had to
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