The Battle of Fort Pulaski

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In this war, a significant event occurred on the coastline of Savannah, Georgia during the Battle of Ft. Pulaski, an important battle with definite defensive and logistical advantages as the prize to the victor. The innovation shown in this battle will forever leave an imprint in the history of the field artillery's modern cannon rifling system as it revolutionized influencing higher rates of accuracy at greater distances. The Union commander during that era, Cpt. Gilmore, showed how a once considered invincible “third system defense” fortress, built with seven foot wide walls with a legion of cannons, can be breeched and seized without any loss from enemy fire. With continuous and accurate fires while being out of reach from enemy fires this technology to which is still in use today in modern field artillery cannons. We will be exploring the historical timeline of this battle. Not just the significance of this particular fort battle in the Civil War, but also in how rifled cannon tubes changed the course of this battle.

The Origin of Fort Pulaski The Construction of Fort Pulaski in 1906 the U.S. Government hired Simon Bernard, an accomplished French engineer, to work with a board of Army engineers on designing a new comprehensive defense system known as the "Third System of Defense.” The construction of permanent, massive, and heavily fortified…

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