The Battle of Gettysburg Essay

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The Battle of Gettysburg The Battle of Gettysburg was a defining battle of the Civil War. It marked a turning point for the Union as well as for the Confederates, though it was not the final battle to be fought. There were many events prior the actual battle that had led to this clash (Berkin 442). The United States was undergoing great changes in the mid 1800's. Populations in both the North and the south grew tremendously. The main increase from the North was largely due to the many immigrants that flooded the coastal cities. Around 2.8 million immigrants came into the United States between 1850 and 1860. This great increase in immigrants further fueled the industrialization of the Northern states. The new source of labor…show more content…
After 34 hours of bombardment from artillery Anderson surrendered. This marked the official beginning of the Civil War (Berkin 413). The early years of the war were marked with Confederate successes. Even though the South had won many victories in the east, the Union was still very successful in the West. The Confederacy failed to gain international recognition. General Lee hoped to gain this with a decisive victory over the Union in the North (Williams). Lee also hoped this would hasten the peace movement among the North. On June 3rd, Lee ordered his army under Longstreet, Ewell, A.P. Hill, and a cavalry division under J.E.B. Stuart to begin the march (Weeks). General Lee's army met little resistance as it marched inevitably to Gettysburg, taking supplies from the countryside they moved through (Berkin 442). On June 13th of 1863 Ewell's corps defeated Winchester and inflicted heavy casualties upon the Federalists, and gained much needed supplies. On June 25th, Stuart presented General Lee with a plan. Stuart would take three cavalry brigades and cross the Potomac. He would then make his way around the Federal army in an attempt to flank them. Lee agreed and Stuart set out. He became bogged down with frequent detours and also ran into Federal cavalry. Stuart would not rejoin the main force until July 2nd. Both armies were closing in on Gettysburg by June 30th (Weeks). July 1st, 1863, the historic battle began. Gettysburg was at that

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