The Battle of Iwo Jima

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Synopsis An armada of over five hundred ships and three Divisions of Marines, all to take a small Godforsaken volcanic Island with an area of about eight square miles. Two days with an additional day to "mop" up is all it should take. An Island located almost halfway the distance from the Marianas Army Air Corps B-29 airbases and Mainland Japan. A perfect spot to station fighter support and use as an emergency divert airbase. The assaulting American armada commanded by the brilliant and humble Admiral Raymond Spruance, hero of "Midway", with the V Amphibious Corps led by a two "World War" veteran MajGen Harry Schmidt. Defended by the Imperial Japanese Army, Commanded by LtGen Tadamichi, Kuribayashi a tactician not to be underestimated. Thirty six days later and Iwo is finally taken. The debate on cost continues to this date. What value did the "cost verse gain" equation play into the planning phase? Was Iwo Jima truly a vetted and viable target? Operation Detachment (19 February – 26 March 1945) - The thirty six days of unforgiving hell on a small, wretched patch of volcanic sand and rock named "Sulfur Island " ( Iōjima - Iwo Jima in Japanese), will forever be immortalized in the iconic photo of the flag raising on Mount Suribachi. The American invasion of Iwo Jima had the goal of capturing the island, including its three airfields. Owning operational airfields, across the vast Pacific Ocean en route to the Japanese mainland was an invaluable commodity. American
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