The Battle of Pea Ridge and its Impact on the Civil War Essay

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The Battle of Pea Ridge and its Impact on the Civil War The Civil War was a major point in American History. It has influenced everyone in America in many ways. The War was conducted in two main areas of the United States. These two parts were in the area east of the Mississippi River and in the area west of the Mississippi River. The control of both of these fronts was vital for victory by either the Union or the Confederacy. On March 8, 1862, a small skirmish at Pea Ridge, Arkansas led to the Union's domination of the west. The Battle of Pea Ridge had a great impact on the civil war by giving control of the west to the Federal forces (Battle). The Battle of Pea Ridge, otherwise known as the battle of Elkhorn Tavern was fought…show more content…
He had over sixteen thousand men and sixty-five large guns (Civil). This was a three to two advantage over the Federal group of 10,250 men (National). He wasted this advantage by overworking his soldiers. He did this because he was sitting in an ambulance while his soldiers were walking the whole way. Many of his soldiers fell to the side of the road with blisters on their feet, unable to walk anymore. After several days of this, Van Dorn's army finally reached Bentonville (Civil). Despite Van Dorn's speedy march through the wintry terrain, the Federals, under General Samuel Curtis, had learned of the Confederate advance from a Unionist resident of Fayetteville. This made Curtis decide to concentrate his forces at Little Sugar Creek. He dug in there in wait of the Confederate forces. When Van Dorn learned of the Federal's knowledge of his position, he became more determined to strike a blow against the Federals. He decided to lead his already weary army through a march in a winter night. As they marched through the night, many more of Van Dorn's men fell out of ranks from exhaustion. By the morning of March 7, they had reached Telegraph road, their goal. From this position they could catch the Federals by surprise and force them to surrender (Civil). The Federals, however, had learned of the Confederate's movements from their patrols. On Pea Ridge, they

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