Essay on The Battle of Vimy Ridge: The Birth of The Canadian Nation

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One of Canada’s largest military endeavors was the battle of Vimy Ridge during World War One. It was a fierce battle between Germans and Canadians. Canada was trying to take over the German controlled ridge, which ran from northwest to southwest between Lens and Arras, France. Its highest point was 145 feet above sea level, which was exceptionally helpful in battle because of the very flat landscape. Already over 200,000 men had fallen at Vimy, all desperately trying to take or defend this important and strategic ridge. As a result of its success in taking the ridge, Canada gained a lot more than just the strategic point. Canada was united as a nation, and the victory changed the way other counties viewed them. Canadians no longer …show more content…
Not only did the battle affect the way Canadian’s allies saw them, it also affected their enemies. German veterans have told stories about the war, revealing that some Germans feared Canadian soldiers more than soldiers of any other country. At the start of the war, Canadians were not really viewed as independent Canadian soldiers, but rather, soldiers of the British military force. As a result of their achievements at Vimy Ridge, Canada was granted their own seat at the signing of the Treaty of Versailles after the war. Clearly, the battle of Vimy Ridge created Canada as a nation in the eyes of other countries.

The feats achieved by Canadians were incredible, and more influential than anything they had done before. Vimy was one of the German’s most heavily guarded areas, and it was thought that it was impossible to over take. However, when the Canadians did take it, they captured the most artillery and guns since the start of the war. They also managed to take 4,000 Germans as prisoners of war. Past battles at Vimy witnessed over 200,000 causalities. During the Canadian attack on the ridge, they lost 3,598 soldiers while the Germans suffered over 20,000 causalities. Canadians had much to be proud of after Vimy, a feeling they did not often get while fighting under British command. Critics question whether Vimy aided Canada’s birth as a nation. “It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that if Vimy Ridge had been captured

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