The Battle of Vimy Ridge and Its effect on Canada

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Contrary to what any believe, the Battle of Vimy Ridge was more than “another bloodshed” to Canada as a nation. This battle confirmed Canada’s eligibility to participate on the world stage and that they are not to be trifled with by other nations. The accomplishments of the Canadian army brought respect from other countries to Canada. The Canadian army gained confidence in themselves after the victory at the battle Vimy Ridge The Battle of Vimy Ridge was significant to the growth of Canada as a nation. Canada’s eligibility to participate on the world stage and its move towards independence was proven after the accomplishments at the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Foremost, Canada’s first opportunity to partake on the world stage came soon after…show more content…
This offering of France to Canada is a sign of respect as France is willingly giving land to Canada to thank them for the vitory they brought. As a result of this, Canada would respected by other nations when they realize how large of a task Canada attempted and conquered during its first war. Finally, France spent tons of money on creating a memorial monument for Canada on the land they ceded. After ceding the land France also spent 11 years and $1,500,000 on a limestone monument as a poignant reminder of the sixty thousand Canadians who died serving their country during World War I. By spending the money and time to create a monument for Canada shows that France has a great deal of respect for Canadians and what they did during their first attempt at serving their country during their country. The respect and numerous offerings that France donates in return of Canada’s accomplishments shows Canada of appreciation and respect. It would also show the other nations that what Canada accomplished on the battlefield f Vimy Ridge was big for a country's army serving in their first world war. The deeds of which Canada fulfilled during the Battle of Vimy Ridge brought respect from other countries. The considerably new Canadian Army at the time, gained confidence after their victory at Vimy Ridge. Firstly, Canada gained its confidence through their first victory

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