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The battle at Yorktown, Virginia in 1781 is most famously known as the “ battle that ended the Revolutionary War.” While this is true, there is still much that can be learned from the principles applied, that still has relevance today. General George Washington, along with his allied French commanders, Lieutenant General Jean-Baptiste Ponton de Rochambeau and Rear Admiral Sir Thomas Graves, they exquisitely displayed how a execute siege operations. This battle also displayed a great example of how multinational operations can be successful. In August 1781, General George Washington, who was camped in New York, learned that Lieutenant General Lord Charles Cornwallis' army of nearly 9,000 soldiers was encamped near Yorktown, VA (Lengel,…show more content…
The combination of bombardment and lack of resupply eventually led to Washington’s allied army mounting assaults which lead to Cornwallis surrendering. While not known when he surrendered, Cornwallis effectively ended the Revolutionary War, as this was the last major battle of the six year conflict between the Americans and the British. We, as a military can still learn much from the actions that George Washington took. The siege operation that was implemented emphasized just how important it can be for an army to have the ability to replenish their supplies. Without this capability, the British troops were rendered ineffective because they were severely depleted of rations, manpower, and even bullets. The Colonial Army basically gave General Cornwallis no other option than to lay down their arms and surrender. While a conventional “siege” may not be possible in our current areas of operation, the Battle of Yorktown does display the importance of severing the enemies’ supply channels. Soldiers who are tired hungry and weak will eventually begin to lose the will to fight. Couple that with a constant barrage of incoming artillery, and they may feel their situation to be all the more dire. If we can apply some of the ideas of Washington, it may help us to become more successful in future operations. George Washington knew that once his and the French soldiers were in place, Cornwallis would have nowhere to retreat

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