The Battle of Yorktown

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The Battle of Yorktown or better known as the Siege of Yorktown was the final battle in the American Revolution. The battle took place in Yorktown, Virginia in 1781. The battle lasted from September 28th 1781 and October 19th 1781. The American and French forces were lead by George Washington, Comte de Rochambeau, and Comte de Grasse. The conflict was caused due to many events like the Boston Massacre and The Boston Tea Party but was reinforced by how the British were treating the people of America and raising their taxes. The men look to their leaders for guidance and motivation. The people of America looked up to George Washington because of his military knowledge and his keen and sneaky tactics. General George Washington learned that Lieutenant General Lord Charles Cornwallis' army was encamped near Yorktown, VA. After discussing options with his French ally, Lieutenant General Jean-Baptiste Ponton de Rochambeau, Washington decided to quietly move his army away from New York City with the goal of capturing and making a blockade around Cornwallis' force. General Cornwallis. The French and American men are to siege and contain the surrounding area until either death or surrender by the British. This battle was a success in the American point of view. They were able to capture and siege Yorktown with minimal losses. In total only 88 allies were killed which was significantly very good. What I would do differently would be I would be fighting with my men instead of being
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