The Battle of la Drang

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The Vietnam War started in 1956 when the United States was attempting to stop North Vietnam from spreading communist to South Vietnam. During this time, most men volunteer and some were even drafted. The United States supported South Vietnam in hopes to drive out the communist by fighting them off. The war on American troops was difficult because American troops soon fought communist in the south, called the Viet Cong; yet also fighting against the North Vietnamese (Spector). As the war progressed, many American troops had suffered from injuries fighting hard against the North Vietnam and Viet Cong. Over the years of the war there have been many battles that have been fought; one in particular is the Battle of la Drang. On November…show more content…
As for me, I will carry all that I have including this notebook and pencil. According to the Intel and the briefing we had this morning, there are about 200 NVA soldiers in the Chu Pong Mountain (Galloway). Lt. Col. Hal Moore the commanding officer for this mission has decided that to land troops in near the enemy (Galloway YouTube). Surprisingly, Lt. Col. Moore had found a clearing that near enough to the enemy in the region. “The la Drang Valley was a remote and inaccessible region in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam, a place of mostly scrub bush, nearly no clearings, deep ravines, and sun-baked termites hills (Steinman 13). This allowed for the Huey to land and drop off troops. But the down side to this was the size of the clearing. With the size of LZ X-Ray, it is only big enough to land eight Huey helicopters at a time (Galloway YouTube). Head Quarters (HQ) and Bravo Company will be on the first lift, followed by Alpha Company then us, Charlie Company, then lastly Delta Company.
Firebase Falcon
0915 Hundred Hours
“Clearing the LZ”

I can hear the artillery unit from Firebase Falcon shooting artillery near the clearing. I overheard a few guys saying it was meant to draw back any NVA soldiers so we may be able to land safely (Galloway YouTube). As I write this, I began hear the blades of the Huey beginning to chop the wind. The noise of the Huey came upon us and I can see HQ with Bravo Company ready to climb aboard the
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