The Beach By Alex Garland

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When people are asked which one is more preferred either the movie or the book As a matter of fact, the general answers are equal. Some enjoy movies better than books and some enjoy books better than movies. For example, the movie/book called The beach the storyline is the same, but there are a lot of things in the book that isn 't in the movie and vice versa. A lot of famous movies are novels first with the same story but differently told. Whether the movie or the book is preferred they both end up still having the same story line but expressed differently. A movie at all times is a lot more visual so it 's always a lot easier to understand. As for books, there is a lot more detail and information given to understand the story line a lot better. When reading a book it is always good to have a great imagination to allow yourself to imagine the characters and story line of the book. The beach by Alex Garland was published in 1996. As for the movie, it was filmed in the 2000s. Both took place in Thailand. I researched and looked up the differences between the film and the book and surprisingly there were quite a lot of similarities and a lot of differences. One of the big differences is the utopia and dystopia of the story. Before I go with reference to relating the movie and film with these different societies. Let me first explain what utopia and dystopia is. First off, utopia is a society that is considered perfect, a perfect world, no problems what so ever. The idea of
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