The Beach Carrier Case Analysis

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Matthew Beringer ELE 3010 Parnell February 21, 2016 The Beach Carrier 1. What is the nature of the product? What are its strengths and weaknesses? The Beach Carrier is a bag that is large enough to carry all the items that one needs for a day at the beach. It is large enough to carry a beach chair, but when empty, it can be folded down to 12x12 square inch for easy and convenient storage. The strengths of the product are that is more affordable than the competitor’s products and the material of the bag is perceived as durable. The weaknesses of the product are that the fluorescent colors lessen the perceived quality of the beach carrier and the size of the bag is far larger than necessary. 2. What are the limitations…show more content…
This will ensure that no competitor can simply take her design and manufacture the product. This will also reduce the amount of direct competition due to the fact competitors cannot copy her product and market it to consumers. 4. What are the pros and cons of the mail order marketing strategy? What are the pros and cons of alternative distribution methods? The marketing strategy that Ricci has selected has many pros and cons. The cons are that it is highly targeted, easy to track, and highly informative. By being highly targeted, Ricci will be able to directly send advertisements to the specific target market based on the results from the feasibility study done by the consultant. Also, this will help Ricci find households that have already purchased related products in the past with the use of mailing lists. Since implementing a mail order marketing strategy is easy to track, Ricci will be able to easily calculate the return on investment. This strategy also provides the consumers with a great deal of information since mail ordering is highly informative. This type of strategy will allow for Ricci to send out an advertisement that consists of a picture of the product, detailed information about it, and a sales letter. They can also use the sales letter to offer special discounts and promotions as well. The cons of a mail order marketing system is that it is costly and largely unread. It will cost the company a large amount of money to send

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