The Beach Descriptive Essay

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A dark lane, dark towers and a pitch gloomy sun passed by me as I followed my path beneath a cloak of darkness. As I walked down Grey Street, I outstretched for that recognisable wall but didn’t find anything to guide me further. Through walls, through windows, perhaps right beside me I was exposed to expressions reverberating in puzzlement.
As I carefully strolled down the lane, I know you sympathised me. Your glorious gift allowed me to see the elegant and vibrant horizon, disperse into a brilliant mixture of colours alongside the glimmering crystal. As the unforgiving light exposed the world’s paleness and blemishes, I know you had the gift of seeing the specks of sand flicker above the ground, For I was trapped in darkness.
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In my frantic surge to escape from my nightmare, I grasped my lantern and tossed it across the ground. I felt no remorse as I heard it smash into tiny fragments along the grey tiles. What good was a lantern when light failed to exist? My mother swept the pieces to the side of the household and sat by my side As I glance upon her face filled with emotion, nothing but darkness watched down on me. It was a silent reminder that I would never see her expression again; that I would never see her giggle at times of pure joy. At that moment my entire body filled with agony. When I asked her if all had been lost, I heard a calm yawn as she drew me into her arms. She told me that there is no light without darkness, that my ability to choose my answer; to alter my decisions in an unchanged situation will never be taken from me.

She voiced that this world could be sculpture for my thoughts and inspiration. One autumn morning, A minor echo in the distance awakened me. A bleak thin gust of wind swept past my face roaring and rattling along the housetops, as fragrances of peach and jasmine overpowered my nostrils. The vague echo became a vibration as I felt it come closer and closer like the grumble of a hurrying cavalry. The gusty winds sent leaves lightly trembling down onto the ground, making no sound effects. Branches intertwined in and out of each other as if they were in there own private dance. For a second, the world became inactive

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