The Beach Essay

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We finished packing up our things and were on our way to Cape Canaveral. As we crossed what seemed to be a never ending bridge, I glanced out the car window to see the cresting waves of the Atlantic. As we came closer to the ship, I noticed how massive it was. It is a wonder that a ship that weighed over 100,000 tons could float, when sometimes I struggle to stay at the surface of the water. We pulled into the parking garage where our car would be kept until the cruise ended. Carrying two bags in each hand, I followed my dad down to the security station where we would check in our bags. I opened the door and the line seemed a mile long, thankfully we got through in no time. When we got to the front we were helped by a kind old man, who…show more content…
I pushed the button and waited.We hopped on and made our way to the pool deck. As the elevator door opened, there was an immediate blast of noise. It sounded like a million people were there. Rather than waiting for people to clear out, we decided to walk up to the deck with a running track and basketball court. The unyielding force of the wind almost knocked me over when we reached the top of the staircase. After we completed a lap around the track I heard a voice over the ship’s intercom, “The ship will be departing in 5 minutes,” said the announcer. We rushed to a railing so we could wave to the people on land as we departed. I let out a long sigh and told myself this is going to be a long three days. I hope I don’t get seasick. We heard a loud roar as the engines fired up. I glanced over the ship’s railing to see the gargantuan waves rippling through the water. As we got farther away from the shore, everything seemed to decrease in size. After marveling at the beautiful ocean for a couple of minutes, we got bored and left the railing. We found a few open chairs and layed in the sun. I felt the rays of the sun beating down on me, and boy did it feel good. After a short while I fell right asleep. I woke up to a burning sessationall over my body. I was sunburnt on my entire body. As I stood up I felt my tender skin scratch against the chair. I started walking to my room and felt a surge of exhaustion. I opened the door and

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