The Beach Literary Analysis Paper

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The Beach by Alex Garland Analysis Paper There are some travelers who see a “paradise” as their final destination; however, it may end up to be exactly opposite of what a paradise should be. This can be seen in Alex Garland’s The Beach. The novel is about several backpackers, Richard, Francoise, and Etienne, who come together and travel to an island community, their paradise, within Thailand. Ultimately, the story portrays the idea of a utopia-like society taking a turn for the worst and becoming a dystopia, something that the backpackers would not have expected. Throughout the story, the theme of a utopia turning into a dystopia could be seen through symbolism such as the “cancer” of traveling and the destruction that it brings. “I…show more content…
Along the way, Richard left behind instructions on how to get to the island for Americans that they met along the way. Mainly because it is in a secure area, it can be inferred that something bad will eventually happen on the islands, thus creating a clear image of how the cancer spreads. The spread of this cancer initially starts when Daffy shares the secret beach with Richard and his friends, who later shares it with other travelers. By the time they arrive on the island, Richard, Etienne, and Francois discover that the beach is right next to another island with fields that cultivate marijuana which can also foreshadows negative events to happen.
For a while life on the island started out perfect, like a true utopian society as Richard states “‘You fish, swim, eat, laze around, and everyone 's so friendly. It 's such simple stuff, but... If I could stop the world and restart life, put the clock back, I think I 'd restart it like this. For everyone.’” (Beach 106.) However, right when life on the beach paradise started to seem perfect, a chain of unfortunate events began to occur. A shark attack took place causing the severe injury in one member and the death of another and after becoming an outcast from the rest of the community, the man who was injured was later killed. Afterwards, a majority of the travelers in the community ate raw food which led to more than half of them to undergo a serious illness. With the whole
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