The Beast: Overcoming And Coping With Fear

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Beauty and The Beast: Overcoming and Coping with Fear Beauty and The Beast was first written in the late 17th century when arranged marriage was the normal marriage practice. The fear of marriage and what went with the marriage came from the Victorian era. Teenage girls were not seen as children back in that society. This tale that was told to children was to help cope with that fear that the older men you will marry will act like a beast. The tale was supposed to ease their fears of getting married to someone that they didn’t know. “At night, as she was going to sit down to supper, she heard the Beast make noises, and could not help but tremble. "Beauty," said the monster, "will you give me leave to see you dine” The monster asked “that is as you please," answered Beauty trembling. "No," replied the Beast, "you are the only mistress here, If I bother you, order me to go, and I leave your sight.” [ Beauty and the Beast 38]. What the beast is trying to do is make her more comfortable in her new home and house. By placing her needs above his own needs and hoping in doing this that it would not make her as fearful as she is. Another fear that they used to…show more content…
Later in the tale, it shows a bit of the Victorian economy where everything suddenly went downhill. The father did everything he could to make sure that they still had a roof over their head. Beauty took up a job to help support for the family, and it touched on society as whole that if you do well that you will get rewarded. In order to make sure that the daughters would be taken care of. Arranged marriages were proposed to make sure that it would take the burden off the
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