The Beast Within By John Brownlee

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The Beast Within A mythical forest creature. Human by day, monster by night. Often, we glorify werewolves. A group of screaming teenage girls rooting for “Team Jacob”. But what happens when you live with the equivalent? In My Father, The Werewolf, author John Brownlee gives us a glimpse in. In this scenario, the werewolf is not a hot teen but a struggling father. His depression lassos him into a world completely unknown to him. Suddenly, his son is a foreign object in this foreign home. His wife is his prey as he hears her calls. “The reedy tremolo of terror in her voice gives my father, deranged, another vector than the small, shivering child he was shaking in his hands.” Like a gun set on its target, his target shifted to his wife.…show more content…
I am constantly plagued with the fact that it is only a matter of time before he has a fourth; it’s almost impossible for his heart to survive four. In the case of John Brownlee, he took the challenge of his father 's depression and thrived. “In the span of a nightmare, I effortlessly swallowed up this new and horrible fact that the author of my being was just a flipped neuron away from being an entirely different person, one who forgot who I was, and even attacked me.” As time went on and medications changed, his father 's mood evened out, although the fear remained that someday the switch would flip again. For a long time, the werewolf was silenced, no full moon to pull him back to his primal form. Eventually, though, the day came when he howled again. His full moon was not an object in the night sky but a six pack of beer. This time, drastic measures were taken: Electroshock therapy. It took away seventeen years of memory, but brought hope to his family for a bit. As John Brownlee put it, “The truth was that I could live with a father who didn’t remember where I came from, as long as we had a future together.” ““I still hate myself,” he once told me. “Just now, I can’t remember why.”” A few years into the EMS, that thought rang true. Then, for another ten years, his father suffered slowly and silently. He suffered from frequent heart attacks, while never receiving treatment for them. I understand where he is coming from, as my own father drove himself to

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