The Beasts of Beauty Pageants Essay

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What is beauty? What are the qualities that are included in the definition of beauty? “Generally, beauty refers to the characteristic or characteristics of an object that entail human pleasure to one or more senses. Beauty cannot be negative or ugly.” (Beirnet)However, there are various concepts of beauty across the globe. “In Nigeria, big and heavy women are considered beautiful and admired. In Burmese traditional view, women with long neck are considered beautiful.” (Plotnick 603). So if there are different concepts of beauty around the globe, how can we hail the most beautiful girl in the world? Thus, beauty pageant comes in. “Origin of beauty pageants was traced back from ancient European custom of choosing symbolic kings and …show more content…
Now let us look at the dark side of beauty pageants. First, it allows the body of women to be treated as an object of an object of attention. Second, it puts tremendous pressure on women to make their selves beautiful. Finally, it creates another standard of beauty. From those given advantages and disadvantages of beauty pageants, beauty pageants are exploiting women and only creates standardized beauty. This paper aims to explain why such claim is reasonable. Now here’s the first supporting reason to the claim. Bodies of women are treated as object of attention. Contestants in beauty pageants are judged by the way they answer, the way they walk on the stage, and the way the look wearing those gowns and swimsuits. The way the look wearing those gowns and swimsuits are major criteria for hailing the beauty queen. Though there were pageants that have no swimsuit competition but wearing those gowns is enough to emphasize women’s body just to capture judges and spectators attention especially the males. There are even awards given to those who shine the brightest wearing those gowns and swimsuits. . We can’t deny that gown and swimsuit competitions are the most anticipated part of beauty pageants. Wearing those gowns are clear manifestations that women treated as object of attention. These are the reasons. Women are treated with great respect in some conservative countries, and swimsuit and gown competitions in beauty pageant which

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