The Beatles And Bob Dylan

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Music plays a significant role in societies all over the world. It allows people of all ethnicities and backgrounds to express themselves. Different music genres help to inspire other artists to create new music that they would not have thought of before. In various ways, Britain and America have influenced and inspired one another for many years. Music was, and still is, a huge connecting factor between the two countries. The Beatles and Bob Dylan, two of the most famous artists of all time, demonstrate how Britain and America had a profound influence on each country’s music culture. In the beginning of American history, America was heavily influenced by Britain because it was considered the “Mother Country” for the pilgrims that settled throughout North America. Due to this, the United States continues to share many cultural ties with Britain to this day. America’s cultural connections with Britain is one of the main reasons America entered World War II on the side of the Allies. In the south of the United States, African Americans performed many different music genres. The three that were most prevalent were soul, blues and jazz. White musicians were quick to emulate the soothing sounds created by soul and blues music (Edmondson 2013). Many people might not realize it, but soul music was one of the heaviest influences for The Beatles. Otis Redding and the Motown record company were some of their inspirations for one of their most famous albums titled “Rubber Soul”. The

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