The Beatles By Steve Turner

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Fifty years after the release of their first single, the Beatles continue to make an stroke. The proof of that impact can be found in incidental harmonious artists as well as the number of set still written about the tie. Films inhaled by and supported on the Beatles are still being made. Artists continue to be measured by the band 's succession and ordinary television explain like American Idol still pay tribute to the Fab Four. In 2013, the Beatles ' influence can be felt in every aspect of pop educate and evince no signs of slowing down.

The Beatles control has been well handwriting in ledger. The amount of treatise that have been scriptory concerning the band and their rondo alone guide their impact. The Beatles Anthology, declare in 2000 to go with a box set of DVDs, was a definitive biography and included photos from the band 's personal archives. It also confined interviews from the 1990s with Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. A Hard Day 's Write, published in 2005 and literal by Steve Turner, included stories behind every Beatles song. Published in February 2013 to solemnize the fifty year anniversary of the release of their first canzonet, "Please Please Me", The Beatles: It Was 50 Years Ago Today celebrated the bond 's unending legacy.

"Sgt. Pepper was our grandest attempt," Starr said, glance back, in the band 's 2000 memoir, The Beatles Anthology. "The top thing approximately the band was that whoever had the best idea – it didn 't moment who –
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