The Beatles Journey To America Essay

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The Beatles were regarded by the world as the greatest group of the rock era. After success in the United Kingdom, the Beatles were ready to capture the excitement of Americans. In the documentary film, “The Beatles, The First U.S. Visit”, their first arrival to the United States in February of 1964 is chronicled. This began America’s love affair with the group and this film captures the excitement of Beatlemania. This film was created by Albert and David Maysles, who were asked by the British TV company Grenada, to create a documentary on the Beatles first visit to America. This journey to America was not only a turning point for the Beatles but also a defining moment for the United States attitudes towards popular music. At this point in the Beatles career, their “Meet the Beatles!” album became #1 on the charts and stayed #1 for over eleven weeks making it world record. This film “The Beatles, The First U.S. Visit” gave us viewers the full experience of what is was like to be a part of the Beatles back in 1964. It memorialized the good times, adventures and their new experiences during their first visit to United States. The arrival of the Beatles in the United States came at a very significant time period in United States. Eleven weeks before the Beatles arrival in…show more content…
The main focus of this film was the Beatles songs, but in particular their most successful “Meet the Beatles” album. At the time of the Beatles visit to America, their “Meet the Beatles” album was #1 around the world. By using the songs from the most popular album in the world helps show the significance and popularity and their success all around the world. The visual style of this film was very accurate to the time period it was filmed in. The film is in black and white which is what films in the 1960’s were filmed in. The director’s choice of editing was very selective and he chose moments that were significant to their
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