The Beatles : The Best Rock Band Of The Rock Era

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The Beatles are arguably the best rock band of the rock era. They formed in Liverpool in 1960 and consisted of 4 members John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr. The boys played clubs over a 3 year period to build their reputation. Their first hit “Love me do” expanded their popularity in the United Kingdom and over the next year Beatlemania grew and by 1964 they had gone international and had invaded the United States pop market. They continued to rock the world with incredible hits until they broke up in 1970 only 10 years after they had formed. But in that small amount of time they were together they changed rock and roll.
Over the years The Beatles have achieved so many great things too many to even list them all but here are some of the greatest. In april 1964 the beatles spent a week occupying the top five positions in the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, they had 12 singles in the hot 100, on the albums chart they had the top 2 positions, the top position in the British singles chart, held the top 2 positions in the British albums chart and the number one position in the British EP chart. They have sold over 1.1 billion records to date which makes them one, if not the most successful bands of all time. (Lee, 2008). The Beatles have had more number one albums than any other band 19 in the United States and 15 in the United Kingdom. The Beatles broke tv ratings records in America with their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show with over 70

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