The Beatles : The Most Successful Recording Artists Of All Time

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The Beatles “All you need is love”. “Whisper words of wisdom, let it be”. “Here comes the sun”. These household phrases are all attributed to one band: The Beatles. Considered the most successful recording artists of all time, this band is one that has transformed the music industry, revolutionized popular culture, and in essence, changed the world. Even the most adamant skeptics cannot deny the contributions of this historic band, and its importance can be evaluated using relevant criteria. The most essential criteria to focus on while evaluating The Beatles as a musical group are innovation, influence, and success. Innovation is one of the most important things a band could possess. Innovation means breaking new ground- doing something that no one has done before. The Beatles are among the most innovative musicians of all time. This innovation encompasses their originality and creativity; both are required to produce something completely new to the music industry. One example of a new concept was the idea to hold a concert at a stadium instead of the usual venue like a music hall or theater. This was done by the Beatles at New York City’s Shea Stadium in 1965, with more than 50,000 fans in attendance (Achievements). They are also widely credited with the invention of the first music video. In 1966, after their decision to stop touring, the demand for their appearances on television programs rose tremendously. To accommodate their busy schedules, they opted to record

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