The Beautiful Mind Analysis

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REVIEW: YOUR INTRODUCTION The film, The Beautiful Mind was directed by Ron Howard. It is a drama, based on a true story about John Nash. Nah was a mathematical genius, who suffered with a mental disorder of Paranoid Schizophrenia. However, his hallucinations weren’t as intense as they were in the film. The film shows some true events and follows through with inspired moments that have been fabricated to symbolize his worth/role in the community. Although the film is a drama it involves into romance with his wife Alicia Nash. This is where scenes are shown to be more fabricated. REVIEW: YOUR PLOT SYNOPSIS In 1947 John Nash, (played by Russell Crowe) begins Princeton University. Nash and Martin Hansen (Josh Lucas) were found to have a strong rival competition, but however were co-recipients of the Scholarship, of prestigious Carnegie for mathematics. The two became good friends, along with a group of other math and science student graduates. His time within the University, was spent mostly under the pressure to publish, although he was determine to complete, his goal was to publish his own original idea. John found success of this in a bar with his fellow graduate mates, developing his own concept of governing dynamics. Publishing an article on this, gets him the offer of appointment with MIT. He was also accompanied by Sol (Adam Goldberg) and Bender (Anthony Rapp). His years within Princeton University, is where Nash starts to hallucinate constantly and being very
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