The Beauty And Fashion Industries

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Both the beauty and fashion industries are being revitalized through the introduction of an increased number of products formulated with bamboo as an ingredient or crafted from the various parts of a bamboo plant. Today it is entirely possible to craft a head to toe ensemble crafted from bamboo while simultaneously styling the hair and finishing the face and body with bamboo infused make-up and beauty tools. Bamboo Fabric Camisoles Cuddl Duds produces some of the most popular long underwear options for women, but they have branched from the traditional pajama-esque suit to daintier and more versatile pieces such as camisoles and tailored leggings. A camisole, long underwear shirt, and two different varieties of leggings are offered…show more content…
Two of the more popular lines are Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear and EcoTools. Physicians Formula utilizes bamboo silk within their line of foundations and bronzers and markets refillable bamboo compacts as well as make-up brushes. EcoTools produces make-up brushes and tools exclusively. Their products are endorsed by actress Alicia Silverstone who has also designed a collection of tools for them. Physicians Formula products are marketed at Target stores and Walgreens stores carry the EcoTools line and even feature the products on clearance from time to time. Bamboo is a renewable and highly resilient resource. It stands to reason that it is a key ingredient in luxurious clothing, accessories, beauty aids and beauty tools. With the products featured above, you can rock bamboo from the roots of your hair to the bottom of your leggings and keep your entire body clothed in sustainable sleekness.DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION:The Contributor has no connection to nor was paid by the brand or product described in this content. Summer clothing may be more casual than the fashions of other seasons, but that doesn 't mean you have to dress in shorts and a tee shirt or a sundress when you go to a barbecue or go on a beach vacation this Independence Day. With a little thought you can select women 's clothes that make a statement
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