The Beauty Myth And Its Effect On Women 's Sense Of Self Worth And Self Esteem

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The first chapter, Work, is about the ways in which the Beauty Myth threatens the huge steps that women have made in the workplace. Wolf discusses how women are still being held back by having to work two shifts (one being paid for by employer and another for the unpaid work done at home) compared with the single shift worked by men – still made strides; and how the introduction of a third shift, the beauty shift, serves the purpose of keeping women down by keeping them tired and preoccupied. Too tired and preoccupied to be successful at work, and too tired and preoccupied to become concerned or even interested in unions or other political action that might help to change the situation. The beauty myth also serves an important function in threatening women’s sense of self-worth and self-esteem, so as to diminish their hopes, motivations and expectations to what the system can cope with.
Wolf also writes about how, even though there is censorship on sex discrimination, women are still being forced to all aspects of continued, acceptable discrimination in the context of their appearance – what she calls the PBQ. Of course, the PBQ only relates to women. Male broadcasters for example don’t need to be young, adorable, sophisticated or graceful; male broadcasters achieve dignity with age. But of course the same rules don’t apply to women, who find themselves without a job because they are not “attractive” enough to read the news, and the courts that are supposed to enforce…

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