The Beauty Of America 's Jeopardy

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The Beauty of America In Jeopardy Each year wildlife all throughout the world are put at risk through deforestation, littering and malnourishment. America is no different, especially with the new budget for the Trump administration. Ever since Donald Trump has been elected President of The United States of America, everything has changed. The safety from threats outside of America are greater than the threats in everyone’s backyard. Animals are becoming endangered or worse, becoming extinct. Plant life is finding it harder to cope with new environmental threats as well as climate change. There are places that have been a final safe haven for wildlife to flourish as a whole. state parks. Theodore Roosevelt, who made the first national and…show more content…
These days, with tensions in precarious positions between other countries, America’s defense has needed large booster. Throughout the country, tourism has been a huge income for revenue. With budget cuts over the last decade, states have been hit hard. One of the hardest hit with these budget cuts is Oklahoma. Tourism through these state parks ranks in as Oklahoma’s third highest source of income. Now some of that revenue may disappear. Sixteen state parks will soon most likely close to help free up some money. “We want to encourage people to get out and explore all that Oklahoma has to offer. It’s truly devastating and heartbreaking to think about closing these parks,” (Fultonberg). Oklahoma is just one of the few states who have to make hard decisions when it comes to these state parks that have no funding. There are still ways for state parks to flourish. Little things, like pesticide spray for weeds have been all but eliminated to help reduce spending. This increases the chance for fire but, the money just isn 't there. In a couple parks throughout the nation, only one employee works there. The rest of the helpers volunteer. State’s are looking for any way to help increase their state parks budget. In states like Texas, the state’s sporting good sales tax is immediately given to help cover the cost of running state parks. Just this tax alone covers half of the cost of operating the parks (
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