The Beauty Of Art In Broad Strokes, By Bridget Quinn

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Izabel Guminski The Beauty Of Art
In the reading, Broad Strokes by Bridget Quinn, she emphasizes on the artists who have made history in the world of art. There were six artists that had made an impact on history and in which dedicated their lives to their art. In this reading each artists has lost a loved one, used art to cope with pain, and yet all had different ways of creating their works of art.
The artist Louise Bourgeois was a French American who was born in Paris on December 25th, 1911, and was named after her father (Louis Bourgeois). Most of Bourgeois’ childhood was spent with her mother helping to sustain her health. By the age of ten, Bourgeois had begun to draw missing parts of tapestries and also became an expert in drawing feet and legs. In 1968 Bourgeois decided to paint a portrait of a penis. It was called “Fillette”, which meant little girl. Bourgeois’s instructor, Fernand Leger, told her “You are not a painter, you are a sculptor” (pg 129). Bourgeois decided to give up painting and try sculpting. Her first sculptures were made out of balsa wood that were tall and abstract, which she would call her “personages.” Ana Mendieta and Bourgeois had several things in common, they both were sculptors and they both lost someone that was dear to their heart. One had a mother that died of an illness and the other had to move from Cuba to the United States in 1961. Mendieta decided to make sculptures in landscape because she no longer had a motherland that she

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