The Beauty Of Diversity Within The United States Essay

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The Beauty of Diversity As a child one of my dreams was to live in a world where peace does not have to be sought after. I wanted to live in a world where all humans get along. As I matured I began to rise up out of the enchanted forest that is innocence and hopefulness, I realized that this dream world of mine is impossible. I saw the world for all of its complexities and issues. I never completely got rid of my dream, but it wasn’t a priority anymore. Then I started to see how there is so much hatred in the world that could be changed if only people were educated to a scope beyond the comfort zone of the United States or wherever they may live. Form 4th grade until my sophomore year of high school, I attended Harmony Science Academy, a school that just happens to be run by many Turkish Muslims. When I started there I was young and I didn’t even notice that there was a difference between my teachers and myself, except maybe that they had a different accent. The longer I stayed at Harmony the more I began to hear people talking about how ‘all muslims are terrorists’, and once again I just ignored it. It wasn’t until high school when I actually realized what these people were saying about the teachers that were providing me the means to a successful future. I heard family members talking about how all muslims are bad people, and I finally decided to step in. I began to explain to as many people as I possibly could that the muslims that I had met and who I saw on a daily
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