The Beauty Of The Beautiful Swan

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As many of you know the Grace of a Swan is simply marvelous. The elegance and beauty of its feathers, it’s stunning mask of black on its beak, and it’s poise when gliding through the water. One could make the claim that these animals are a symbol of tranquility and beauty but I would have to strongly disagree. Like it’s mask all of this is a mask, one must simple look under the water to the swan’s feet paddling away with scurrying in a somewhat violent, turbulent way. There is the truth under the surface the secrets of the beautiful swan. Some of you after the duration of this trial may have figured out the relevance of this abstract metaphor. Mrs. Helm… My apologies, Madam Nora is in fact a swan. Her mask of beauty and quaintness has hidden the turbulence and of her actions, morals, and sins. As you all know Miss Nora former wife of the Torvald Helmer lived quite a lovely life. An observation of the Helmer Families life would have depicted a beautiful quaint family with trivial troubles and a successful life. This however is just a mask, which hides the crime of Miss Nora. Now Miss Nora was indeed guilty of her crime of forgery there is no doubt the evidence is clear from the impossibility of the date written by her three-days-deceased father on the ripped up shards of paper and the inaccuracy of him being a the Co-signer. This has all been present to you clear and therefore Miss Nora I without a doubt guilty, but this fact is only one of many others that it exist in this…
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