The Beauty Standards Set For African American Women

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The beauty standards set for African American women has shifted drastically in the past decades due to the change in popularized stereotypical images portrayed through the explicit lyrics of hip hop and rap music. How African American women are portrayed in the music industry has had a profound impact on how black women view themselves as well as other races, it promotes unrealistic body sizes/images, and colorism in the black community because of how the new age rap and hip hop stigmatizes and sexualize the Black woman’s body as a whole. Not only are males rap artist contributing to the exploitation of African woman but also the women of rap as well are adding to the derogatory and disrespectful image that is perceived by society. Music has always served as a channel for African American men to eloquent the issues they have living as an oppressed entity. But because of how rap artist portray African American women in their songs and music videos, they have stigmatized black women as non-intelligent sexual entities. In Dionne Stephens’ and April Few’s article, they examine the eight sexual images of African American woman in today’s society which originated from Stephens and Philips study in 2003. The widely accepted images are the “Diva, the Gold digger, the Freak, the Dyke, the Gangster Bitch, the Sister Savior, the Earth Mother, and the Baby Mama” and they are portrayed in the hip hop music industry and culture. (Stephens and Few) These categories that society places the
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